Why Work in


Lumoshive is a technology resource provider based in Jakarta and Batam, Indonesia. We are a group of geeky technical developers who will help you transform your old-schooled, plain, paper- based businesses into new, trendy, innovative businesses utilizing all available technology.

The Limitations of Regular Office

Time Constraint

  • Fixed Working Hours
  • Time in Traffic

Location Constraint

  • Fixed Office Location
  • Office Distance
  • Traffic


  • Assigned by the Company
  • Fixed Technology
  • Not Innovation


  • Community Gathering
  • Social Event


  • No Fun Activity
  • No Mentorship
  • No Learning Program


  • Self Learning
  • No Mentorship

How We Help You Grow

Extensive Training

When you join Lumoshive, you will be placed in a Bootcamp program, to revisit the foundation of coding, and learn the ways we do programming in Lumoshive. Post bootcamp, you will be allocated a number of learning materials you can choose from to learn at your own time, and you will be guided by a more senior member.

Mentorship Program

In Lumoshive, we have a golden ratio of 1:3 for our chain mentorship program. Each and every senior member of our community will mentor 3 people of a junior level and so on. Never worry when you face a problem, because your mentor will help you.

Flexible Hours

In Lumoshive, we understand the mindsets of developers and we apply flexible working hours, with a minimum of 5-6 hours in normal business hours. The remaining 2-3 hours can be done in any time of your choice.

Remote Working Environment

Unless requested by our clients, you have the freedom of choice of where you work from. We do not require you to work in the office daily, as long as you deliver the tasks you are assigned to on time and on budget.

Choose Your Own Technology

In Lumoshive, we motivate our developers to master at least two development language, where one will be the main developing language and the second one will be free of your choosing.

Our Expertise

Benefits from Sourcing Us

Direct Benefits

Competitive Salaries

Professional Development Opportunities

Flexible Work Arrangements

Career Growth Opportunities

Company Culture and Values

Business Unit Spinoff Potential

Indirect Benefits

Learning and Skill Development

Employee Empowerment

Innovation and Creativity

Community Involvement

Cross Functional Collaboration

Flexible Career Path

Meet Our Team

  • Julianto Tjan

    Chief Executive Officer

    “Lumoshive is like my second home. The structure of how Lumoshive operates makes me have a freedom of time, and a freedom of space. I am proud to be a part of Lumoshive and I hope I can contribute enough to make Lumoshive grow.”

  • Adrian Dion Kurnady

    Chief Product Officer

    “Lumoshive is not like a company, it is more like a developer’s lounge. It houses developers and provides them tools to learn and improve one another.”

  • Indra Hermanto

    Chief Business Development Officer

    “Lumosive is the company that gives me opportunity. Particularly flexibility within the region that I lead, coming about in adaptability for trade coherence and expanding deals and showcasing esteem”.

  • Wahyu Primadi

    Chief Technical Officer

    Every day at Lumoshive feels like a journey toward greatness. The culture here isn't just about work, it's about passion, unity, and endless possibilities. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of this incredible team, where every idea is valued and every effort is celebrated. Together, we're shaping the future and building something truly remarkable.

  • Nurmaya Azizah

    HR Manager

    “I have worked at a lot places before, but Lumoshive is in a whole new level. The management team are very friendly, the developers are very dedicated. I am glad to be a part of the management team here. Hopefully Lumoshive will keep on growing, and be the established ecosystem for developers here in Indonesia.”